5 Killer Reasons Every Cafeteria Need to Have a Mobile App

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Revolution in the mobile industry is in full-swing and apps are no longer an option for big-budget companies, but viable for almost all types and sizes of businesses. Along with the rise of applications, seamless features like on-the-go ordering, mobile payment and loyalty appeared to transform the experiences of users. When such features are inherently changing every business, food restaurants or cafeterias are also not out of it. The first reason every cafe need a mobile app is allowing the customers to order food or book a table in the most comfortable way. While there are innumerable reasons explaining why apps are becoming a great option for small and big cafes to boost customer-seller relations and augment their footfalls, this article offers a brief interpretation of the same.

#1 Greater customer convenience

If designed appropriately, an app can provide utmost convenience to customers, every time they visit your cafe. Everything, from booking a table to viewing the menu, ordering foods to checking the bill amount, it can perform a spectrum of functions to totally revolutionise the experience of customers as well as cafeteria owners.

#2 Brings in a competitive edge

Worldwide statistics revealed that most youngsters and adults make use of mobiles today for looking up cafeterias in a desired location to hang-out or for scheduling a reservation at a popular outlet in advance. Many also use it for ordering a takeout or home delivery, directly to their doorsteps whenever they feel so. Thus, every cafe owner will agree that with app technology they are looking forward to increase their daily sales, making their cafes more productive and giving them a competitive edge.

#3 Ease of billing and payments

An application for on-the-go facilities can inevitably improve guests’ experience and lead new ways for ordering and payments. Billing is highly a cumbersome and complex process, requiring 2-3 executives to note down orders, calculate the amount corresponding to each item, levying taxes/services charges and finally denoting the total payable amount to customers. However, a mobile app alone can now take care of all that easily, by automating billing calculations, showing up users a virtual bill on their phones and even allowing them to pay online via the its payment gateway. Thus, it can provide a seamless experience to diners and make it cheerful by removing the hassles of billing and payments.

#4 Major means for customer engagement

Apps serve as a great means for encouraging customers to become their regular visitors. While most of our eyes are always glued to the screens of our phones, a cafeteria can strongly sway our emotions with exuberant push notifications. They can notify customers from time to time with new inclusions on the menu, discounted deals or promo offers. This instantly excites them and encourage them to visit the cafeteria to grab the deal.

#5 Hikes up brand visibility

An app will no doubt increase the visibility of a brand by making it prominent in the social media platforms. Likewise, a great way to lure customers towards the cafeteria is integrating an application with social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, through which they can share their experiences, post photos and put reviews on different social pages. These captivate the attention of thousands of audiences on the platforms and make them aware of your cafeteria.

To face the truth, customers are vehemently going online now and most of them are resorting to handy mobiles for that. If your cafeteria is not been able to reach them where they are expending maximum of their time, you are missing out a great opportunity. So, get an app to empower your cafeteria business and provide dine-out experiences to your customers like never before.