5 Reasons Why Downloading The WHOIS Database May Be Useful

The World Wide Web requires back office maintenance, record-keeping and domain name registration to make the websites operate properly. People need to know if domains and websites are available, as well as who owns them. Learn about 5 groups that benefit from the WHOIS Database download.

Finding Website Owner Information

The Internet has linked together the entire world in ways that have never been possible before. This has opened up doors of opportunity. The use of WHOIS allows groups to unleash the power of the Internet because they understand its inner workings.

Context is very important. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of articles, blogs and website content. This knowledge can help you respond better to online communication.

Business Owners

The primary function of the WHOIS Database is to tell you whether domain names are available for purchase. You can visit the WHOIS search engine and type in a keyword. The WHOIS Database will provide you with a list of domain names with said keyword.

Wise entrepreneurs understand the power of keywords. They might have a couple of different websites. Websites might use the company name, location or product in their domain name.

This allows you to attract Web traffic from different market niches. Another advanced online technique to increase visits is to use Local Landing Pages. The use of WHOIS can help you market your products or services online.


Journalism schools require you to find who, what, why, where, when and how. The task of finding the answers to these important questions might be assisted by a WHOIS Database download. Reporters can connect the dots and properly report the story of a process, action or event.

Fact checking is essential to good journalism. Simply because one individual stated something, does not mean it is true. With the proliferation of Social Media, there are even more comments that need to be fact checked.

Law Enforcement

The other groups that would materially benefit from a WHOIS Database download is law enforcement. The the use of WHOIS could help with any number of cyber crimes, including fraud, credit card theft, money laundering and so forth. Online shopping makes it very easy for thieves to purchase a large amount of merchandise after a heist.

There are many reports of a “dark Web” where credit card numbers are exchanged. The WHOIS search reveals ownership, contact information, server name, registration date and expiration date. If you have ever done one of these searches, you know that some websites are very cryptic in public about their ownership.

They might be owned by shell or holding companies through offshore accounts. Many island nations are popular with website owners because they have very few regulations for Internet firms.

Verifying Facts

Fact checking can help with decision making. You can check to see if your products or services will have a lot of competition in a certain market. Reporters and governments also depend on WHOIS Database information.

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Top 5 Reasons For Why Using The WHOIS Database Might Prove Useful

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