Common Problems in Laptops and Tips for Repairing

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Here today I would like to explain some of common laptop failures and few tips for laptop repair. It is very important factor that where to choose and whom to choose for repairing your notebook. Computers always have some delicate parts so it is not recommended to try to repair it by yourself until you are professionally qualified for it otherwise your effort can cost you more.

Common laptop/notebook problems are

Cracked & Broken Screens
Laptop screen often get crashed or broken because of mobility. Especially people who travel more with laptop get this problem more.

Power Problems 
Power problems usually comes in laptop which remains almost 24hrs and this can cause some time a power problems in laptop.

Virus Infected Machines
If Internet is used on your laptop without antivirus there is a huge chance of virus infection in laptop.

Hard Drives/Memory 
Hard drive and memory problems in laptop do not occur as frequent as broken laptop screen or virus infection in laptop.

Keyboard malfunction
Lack of care bring people to this laptop problem, people who use to drink tea and have breakfast with their laptop usually get some dust and small particles of snack on keyboard which can lead to keyboard problem.

I found these problems by online research and talk with some of leading service provider in UK.

Few good tips are

  • Do not try to repair it by own
  • Always have annual maintenance contract with local laptop repair provider
  • Do not rely always on company warranty.
  • Choose No fix No Fee laptop repair service provider.

It is always a frustrating experience if your laptop is not functioning well because of some software or hardware problems or if it is continuously showing virus or antispyware threats. The article provide you some hot tips which will make your laptop work efficiently and without any difficulty.

  1. Do not use your laptop in extreme hot or cold temperature as it can adversely affect your laptop performance. Sometime, this will lead to auto shutdown or slow down performance. So, it is advisable to use your laptop in moderate temperature. Switch on the fan or Air-Conditioner to set the room temperature.
  2. You are advised to defragment and clean your hard disk once in a month to boost up your computer/laptop performance and responsiveness. At least, your hard disk should be 15% defragmented.
  3. Do not use your laptop at such place where humidity is high. If the water ice ups on your laptop’s keyboard, it may damage your laptop.
  4. At the time of starting up your laptop\computer, there are some unnecessary programs which run automatically. You must remove these auto-run programs from the control panel or better to uninstall these unnecessary programs from laptop. This will increase the performance of your laptop.
  5. When you remove or uninstall the programs from laptop, system automatically creates some entries in registry. You should clean your registry at regular intervals as these entries may cause crash/lethargy.
  6. The most common mistake we do is, when the laptop gets fully charged, we just pull out the cable or sometimes we just take it out before switching off the plug. This will badly affect your laptop as the charger gets may lose; this will also interrupt the power supply to the laptop. Another mistake we do is………we twist the cables while putting it into the bag. Try long folding, which is a good option to increase the life span of the cable.
  7. Always leave at least 1GB of your hard disk space to get the fast responsiveness. If you have huge amount of important data, then you should purchase an external hard disk to maintain all your important data.