Robots Can Help Small Enterprises Grow

These days, anyone can have an assistant. Even when you work from home, you can access the services of an assistant without having to hire one. With Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is easy to have an assistant at the touch of an app in your smartphone.

That could help your business grow as you can delegate some duties normally performed by a human assistant to your robotic one. In addition, you can have a robot performing tasks that are considered unimaginative and repetitive.

How Robots Can Drum Up Business for Small Enterprises

A small business does not require a gigantic robot to operate. All a small company requires is a small industrial robot to perform many of the production tasks. They can also invest in related technology to help provide solutions such as labour shortage.

Robots in the manufacturing industry manufacturing aid in the following ways:

  • They do not err, so the products will be perfect and uniform
  • They are fast which means the volume of products will go up
  • They do not tire; hence, they can work for long periods without taking breaks
  • They do not have the usual human demands such as off days, sick leave or vacation time
  • They do not get injured
  • They can work in conditions that are hazardous such as extreme temperatures
  • They can also reach heights and places that are difficult to reach
  • They can be programmed to perform multiple tasks

These and many other factors help businesses to improve on not only the volume of products but also on quality. This in return impacts positively on profit.

Robots for Labourious Tasks

There are tasks industries such as automobile that are difficult to perform and would take a lot out of a human being. Tasks such as lifting and placing items are repeated over a long period of time and are rather boring. Also, they do not require one to have any special skills.

Additionally, some tasks involve lifting heavy machinery or packages. These tasks are best performed by robots as they are programmed with the right programs for the same.

In the other industries might require one to work in extreme temperatures which could end up causing health complications if not outright physical harm such as burns. Robots, being machines, do not have any such limitations. A small robot might be used to work in such an area in a company.

Moreover, labourious tasks would tire humans but not robots. It is also difficult sometimes to find human workers willing to perform some of the more difficult and dangerous tasks over a long period of time. You might end up with a worker turnover that is quite high.

All these help to save not only on time and labour costs but also on health expenses.

Artificial Intelligence for Entrepreneurial Growth

Entrepreneurship is not just about sitting down and drawing up a business idea. It is also a lot more than going on benchmarking tours to learn new ways from the peers. There is a lot of administration work that goes into entrepreneurship.

Once the business is up and running, a lot of work goes into ensuring its progress. It is easier to close up shop and give up than it is to build a business up. Much of the work involves filing information on time and keeping it updated. Also included here is accounting and keeping tabs on employees.

AI comes in to ensure that these tasks are performed effectively and on time. Business managers or entrepreneurs are then free to concentrate on researching on ways to grow the business and keep it running.


A robotic assistant can be in charge of taking calls and messages as well as recording reminders. They may also be in charge of keeping tabs on the sales team   and also keeping track of activities for the management team. The proprietor can them go out into the field to source for more business or carry out recruitment exercises.